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Schema markup is becoming more important to search results globally as it allows Google and other search engines to read and publish important site information to the Knowledge Graph and Website Snippets results. This leads to increased CTR meaning more clicks and indirectly, improved rankings.


  • Local Businesses
  • Services
  • Products
  • Person
  • Things
  • Places
  • 50 popular business catagories

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More About Json-ld Schema Markup

Schema Markup is an open community vocabulary developed together between Google, Microsoft and Yahoo for standardising website content for search engines. Until recently search engines had limited global standards for categorising general website data.

Schema vocabulary, which can be found at is growing all the time and already includes thousands of objects, for example things, entities, places, events, awards, films, people, music, businesses, products and services. There are a variety of languages suited to using Schema Markup such as RDFa, Microdata and JSON-LD. We chose to work with JSON-LD for its practicality as it can be placed in one section on a webpage and doesn’t require each piece of data to be marked up individually.

More than 10 million sites already use Markup and it’s growing fast as the benefits are obvious. Make your site easier to be read by search engines and they are more likely to find you! Go to to find out more about the specification.

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